Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440 Courage & Khazaka

Colorimeter Flex Cl440 Colors

The Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440 belongs to a new generation of probes developed for the overall skin testing instrument Multiprobe Adapter System MPA. LEDs with high CRI (color rendering index) provide high reproducibility for color measurements in the CIE L*a*b* color space. The instrument is specifically adapted to measurement on multi-layered skin. The ITA (Individual Typology Angle) is also automatically calculated.

Two interchangeable measuring tops provide ideal illumination of larger and smaller skin areas. The cylindrical (13 mm Ø) top is ideal for skin and hair whereas the conical (7 mm Ø) top is suited for particularly small skin areas, pigmented spots and lesions, nails, lips or other materials. A placement aid with light spots overlapping each other the closer the probe gets to the skin surface indicate where the measurement will take place. A hair clip facilitates measurements on hair. Sealed electronics and removable top make cleaning of the probe easy.

The comprehensive software MPACTplus with its study manager allows defined sequences of measurements making customized in-house tests in all development stages quick and easy. The accuracy of the probe can be checked any time and the software automatically reminds the user when calibration needed.  

For more information, visit the Courage & Khazaka website and/or visit stand Y20 at in-cosmetics Global.

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