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Patent Pick: Side-stepping Surfactants for Fragrance Delivery

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As most formulators know, depositing encapsulated fragrances onto skin or hair from rinse-off shampoos, conditioners and body washes is, at best, challenging. These products cleanse using surfactants, which clearly are designed to remove particulates from skin and hair, and keep them from re-attaching.

But the following inventors found an approach to bypass said surfactants, significantly improving fragrance delivery.

Deposition of lyotropic or lyotropic liquid crystal capsules
U.S. Patent 9347023
Publication date: May 24, 2016
Inventors: L.M. Popplewell, J.G.L. Pluyter, J. Kerschner, T. Young and T. Sasaki

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Prior work has shown that polymers added to consumer products and/or fragrance capsules can enhance product or capsule deposition on various surfaces. The effects of these polymers, though, are limited by the presence of surfactants in the formulas.

These inventors instead designed fragrance-containing capsules and incorporated them into a composition dispersed in a lyotropic liquid crystalline surfactant phase. This surprisingly enhanced the performance of the capsules significantly, compared with using the capsules alone.

Patent accessed May 31, 2016.



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