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Patent Pick: Amino Acid Integration

Are your formulas gelling? Unstable? The inventors on this patent aim to adapt your formulas so they are skin-compatible by integrating an amino acid derivative.

Patent Pick: White(ning) on Rice

According to the saying, these inventors are all over skin whitening "like white on rice." Upland rice, in particular, is named in this patent application for various active components and anti-aging benefits.

Patent Pick: Fragrance Unlocks Anti-aging Trifecta

Fragrance? As an anti-aging ingredient? According to this patent application from Beiersdorf—yes. Alkylamidothiazoles paired with certain fragrances have been found to lighten pigmented spots and under-eye circles, as well as reduce inflammation.

Patent Pick: This Stuff is Scent-ense

Cyclohexanol keeps popping up in patents as an area of innovation for companies developing materials to improve fragrance intensity. Just ask today's patent-holder, Takasago International.

Patent Pick: Use the Force

Gravity is at the center of this patent application from Amorepacific Corp., which uses a specific oil and powder to create an eye makeup composition with excellent curling force and hold.

Patent Pick: Fragrance Duration—A 'Pressing' Issue

The pressure is always on for perfumers to develop means to extend fragrance duration from perfumes as well as personal care products. In this patent application, Unilever inventors take that pressure in a new direction: vapor pressure.

Patent Pick: Formulating 'Heavy'? Lighten Up.

Greasy, heavy formulations "dragging" down your product development? This patent application relates to a gel-type composition that provides a light, refreshing feel upon application in skin and lip care.

Patent Pick: Got Melanin? Get Masterwort.

Skullcap for skin whitening? That was last week's news. AmorePacific is at it again, this time with a masterwort extract to decrease melanin. Read more about this umbel's skin-whitening effects in today's Patent Pick.

Patent Pick: Stable Polysilicone to Heal Wounds

Actives to heal wounds, protect skin and diminish scars can be incorporated into polysilicone bases for topical delivery to skin. However, according to this patent, such bases tend to separate; correcting this instability was therefore the focus of this invention.

Patent Pick: Growing 3D Skin Predictions

A product manufacturer's reputation is perhaps its greatest asset, and growing numbers of cosmetic consumers with sensitive skin only raise the product development bar. That's where patented inventions such as this, a 3D skin model, can ensure product safety and support cosmetovigilance initiatives.

Patent Pick: Skullcap Skin Whitening

Alpine skullcap has potential to be the latest and greatest ingredient for skin whitening. Learn more about the related patent application, from AmorePacific Corp., in today's Patent Pick.

Patent Pick: Control Emulsion Interfaces Thermally

Take a peek at the future of product development with this hand-selected Patent Pick, chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's highlight relates to nanoparticles with unique, thermally controlled interfacial properties.

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