[video] Shiseido on AI to Predict Skin Needs


Amidst this pandemic, in-person events feel surreal as if from the distant past. Hopefully it will be safe again soon to meet face-to-face. In the meantime, here's a throwback to the IFSCC Conference in Milan last year, where Kanako Kaneko, Ph.D., of Shiseido, presented her poster to Cosmetics & Toiletries on AI to predict future skin needs.

For this study, the characteristics of skin surface texture (SST), such as ridges, pores and furrows, were photographed in Japanese women ages 19 to 74 years old. More than 4,000 images were captured. In addition, transition patterns of the SST were captured for 73 individuals, measured in two-month intervals over the course of two years. 

From this data, artificial intelligence (AI) was used to analyze the initial images and classify skin into 30 different types. Machine learning based on the skin transition data was then utilized to predict future skin conditions.

The end result? An AI-based personalized skin consultation and recommended skin care solution to match the skin's needs. Watch now to learn more:

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