OxiProteomics Nails Down Keratin Care Claims


According to contract research organization OxiProteomics, like hair, nails reflect one's health status but also can be negatively impacted by lifestyle choices and the exposome.

Brittle nails, striations and color changes are consequences of damage in nail keratin at the molecular level, the company reports. Indeed, keratins are particularly sensitive to oxidation induced by daily stress from household products, irradiation, nail polish, pollution, etc. Since nail keratin cannot be repaired, protective products would seem most appropriate.

However, methods to measure the protective benefits of products on nail keratin are scarce. As such, OxiProteomics designed a means to visualize these effects based on the company's expertise in targeted proteomics. The solution was to measure keratin oxidation, also known as carbonylation, as an early marker of nail plate damage (shown below (L to R): healthy, unstressed nail and stressed nail):


This approach offers new opportunities to support nail health and beauty claims. In fact, the innovative detection method was awarded by organizers of the Cosmetic 360 event, held Oct. 16 and 17, 2019, in Paris. According OxiProteomics, the new nail care efficacy testing system will support a high-growth potential market, for which few reliable ex vivo solutions were previously available to support claims.

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