Syntopix Backed in Microemulsion Surfactant Challenge

Syntopix Group Plc has secured backing from Intelligent Formulation Ltd. for a 30-day international research challenge to better understand the formulation of microemulsions, specifically for skin care. Over the month-long project, Syntopix will work with world experts to characterize microemulsions made from environmentally friendly surfactants, especially those used to make skin care. The company hopes the resultant data will assist scientists to formulate new cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

Intelligent Formulation, which supports businesses involved in formulation, received over 20 proposals and selected just two applicants to support, including Syntopix.

According to Syntopix, the small particles in microemulsions allow them to develop clear solutions simply by mixing the components, although microemulsions do pose challenges. “Formulating microemulsions can be problematic due to [the] trial and error nature, and [it] is made all the more difficult by the lack of physical parameters available to inform their design. Our research project will help determine some of these essential parameters to speed up [the] selection of ingredients," explained Steve Jones, PhD, CEO of Syntopix Group Plc, in a company press release.

Jim Bullock, PhD, chief executive of Intelligent Formulation furthered, “[Of] all the assessors, were very impressed with the Syntopix proposal because it will benefit not only their business, but also the wider formulation network from which we attract our members.”

As part of the project, Syntopix will be working with Steven Abbott, PhD, of the University of Leeds, and Edgar Acosta, PhD, of the University of Toronto, and will use the high throughput capabilities of VLCI in Amsterdam to efficiently screen a large range of surfactants. Work on the research project has commenced and practical work is scheduled to finish in early January. Publication of surfactant parameters is planned for April 2011.

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