Pour Moi Skincare Patents Climate-Smart Moisturizers

Pour Moi Skincare has added its third U.S. patent of climate-specific skin care solutions to its IP portfolio.
Pour Moi Skincare has added its third U.S. patent of climate-specific skin care solutions to its IP portfolio.
Image source: Pour Moi Skincare

Pour Moi Skincare has been granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a patent for its one-step method of rotating Climate-Smart Day Creams where consumers can match their moisturizer to the local climate, which changes when the climate changes. (U.S. Patent 10780299B2).

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Instead of using the same moisturizer in all locations throughout the year, the customer can select from a set of moisturizers where each is specifically formulated for a certain range of humidity and temperature to maximize hydration and anti-aging results. 

Each of the Day Creams is formulated to support skin needs in specific local climate conditions, such as a tropical climate (i.e., humid and hot air), a desert climate (i.e., dry and hot air), a temperate climate (i.e., normal and mild air), a marine climate (i.e., cool and humid air), a mountain climate (i.e., arid, alpine air), a polar climate (i.e., cold and dry air) and more.

The concept of "rotation between moisturizers" by local climate and weather is based on medical research findings that discovered how changing climate conditions affect not only skin's function and skin biochemistry, but also the efficacy of skin care ingredients and delivery systems. The Climate-Smart Day Creams are also the third step of Pour Moi's patented and award-winning 3-Step Rotating System.

The company has developed proprietary software called the "Cream-Finder,'' which tells its customers what local weather they are in and precisely which Day Cream to use. The customer can access the virtual Cream-Finder conveniently by scanning a QR code printed on the Day Cream's bottle cap or on the Pour Moi website.

"This invention represents a new way of thinking in beauty regarding how changing local climates and environments impact the skin and skincare needs," said Ulli Haslacher, founder and CEO of Pour Moi Skincare. "It's not age, ethnicity, gender or skin type that affects skin care results. It's the climate and weather you're in because what skin needs to look youthful and healthy in the parched desert heat of Las Vegas is totally different than in the thin alpine air of Denver or in Miami's heavy muggy air. The old thinking in beauty recommends the same moisturizer in every location and season, a one-size-fits-all approach that just makes no sense. Skin is dynamic and constantly adapts to any climatic and environmental changes. Think of the Climate-Smart Day Creams as dressing your skin in the morning as you dress, according to the daily weather."

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