Patent Pick: L'Oréal's Semi-permanent Hair Styler

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L'Oréal inventors have applied for a patent on a semi-permanent hair styling technology that withstands one or more shampoo treatments while preserving hair fiber integrity.

According to the disclosure, styling products used to structure a hair style are typically formed by an alcoholic or aqueous solution and one or more fixing polymers. These polymers form a sheathing film on individual hairs and/or "microwelds" between them, to retain the style.

Market Need

However, with stresses such as heat, humidity, rain, sebum and mechanical forces, the performance of these products declines. Their effects also are removed upon shampooing and require reapplication.

In contrast, long-lasting shaping products effectively hold hair's shape but they modify the structure of the fiber by breaking (reducing) the disulfide bonds of the original hair, followed by re-bridging and reshaping. These products must be reapplied at the root once hair regrowth occurs and results are irreversible and sensitize or weaken the individual hair. 

To save time and improve efficacy and safety, the present invention aimed to offer hair styling durability in terms of effects that last through one or more shampoos, while also preserving hair fiber integrity. Ideally, the effects would also be readily removed by a composition with activity similar to a makeup remover. 

Aerosol Containing Silicone Acrylic Copolymer and Propellant

WIPO Pat App WO/2021/219722
Publication Date: Nov. 4, 2021
Assignee: L'Oréal

This patent disclosure describes an aerosol containing a composition comprising one or more silicone acrylic copolymer(s) and from 30% to 70% w/w of one or more propellant(s). More specifically, the copolymer consists of at least one polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) unit and at least two polymerizable radical groups chosen from an acrylic or methacrylic group having from 3 to 6 carbons; and at least one alkyl acrylate or methacrylate unit.

The inventors have discovered that the use of an aerosol device containing said composition, and optionally combined with the use of a heating tool, can generate sheathing around the hair fiber that is persistent with respect to shampooing, provides the desired styling properties and is friendly to the hair fiber. It also reportedly limits the tack on hair and powdering during application while conferring good cosmetic properties on the hair.

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