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Natural Beauty Bio-Technology
Limited Cosmetic compositions
Disclosed is a topical composition containing an isolated polypeptide having the sequence of a stromal-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) variant named stem cell active factor (SCAF) or its functional equivalent, and a cosmetically acceptable carrier. An "isolated polypeptide" refers to a polypeptide that has been separated from other proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids with which it is naturally associated. The composition can further contain an agent selected from the group consisting of an anti-wrinkle herbal extract, a whiting herbal extract, and an anti-acne herbal extract. Applications include improving skin feel and appearance, reducing skin wrinkles and promoting hair growth.

The University of Leeds
Bacteriophage and their uses
Disclosed is a bacteriophage capable of lysing a Propionibacterium acnes bacterium and incapable of lysing a bacterium which is not P. acnes, and which is incapable of sustaining lysogeny in a bacterium. Also disclosed is a pharmaceutical composition comprising such a bacteriophage.

Hankook Cosmetics Co., Ltd
A cosmetic composition comprising tissue-cultured Panax ginseng c.a. meyer adventitious root itself and a preparing method thereof
Cosmetic compositions of this invention are characterized in that effective ingredients are dip-extracted from the tissue-cultured adventitious roots of a ginseng contained in the composition; no additional process — such as extraction, isolation or purification — is required for this process, as would be required to obtain the effective ingredients from an extract.

Wella AG
Microemulsions, especially for skin or hair treatment
The preferably optically clear, transparent or translucent microemulsion contains 20–60% by weight water; 3–20% by weight of an oil phase, which contains hydrophobic oil that is liquid at 25°C and optionally dissolved lipophilic materials; and 20–60% by weight of an emulsifier mixture. The emulsifier mixture contains at least one first emulsifier, which is an ethoxylated castor oil and/or an ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil, and at least one second emulsifier with an NRU50 value greater than 110 μg/mL. The microemulsion is usable as a cosmetic, dermatological or pharmaceutical preparation, especially as an agent for hair treatment.

CNRS and Galderma Research & Development
Angiogenesis inhibitors and pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications thereof
Disclosed are novel derivatives of fumagalone having the general formula specified in the patent and useful as angiogenesis inhibitors with pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Cosmetic examples include care of the skin or of the scalp and notably for treating skin that is prone to acne. Additional cosmetic uses are for regrowth of hair, as hair restorer, to combat greasy appearance of the skin or of the hair, for protection against the harmful effects of the sun or in the treatment of physiologically dry skin, and for preventing and/or combating photo-induced or chronological aging.

Bayer Consumer Care AG
Method for preparing a Centella asiatica extract rich in madecassoside and in terminoloside
These extracts may be used for regulating inflammatory mechanisms.

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