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Sunscreen compositions comprising metal oxide mineral pigments and hydroxyalkylurea compounds
The compositions contain metal oxide-based mineral pigments and at least one hydroxyalkylurea having a formula specified in the patent. The compositions, which contain no kojic dipalmitate, are intended for reducing, or even eliminating, the whitening effect on the keratin material after application.

Societe d'Extraction des Principes Actifs S.A.
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition containing peptides
Disclosed are compositions containing, as the active ingredient, at least one peptide with a sequence specified in the patent for use in treating, for example, the signs of cutaneous aging.

Unilever Home & Personal Care USA
Cosmetic compositions containing Nigrospora sphaerica extracts
Disclosed are extracts of Nigrospora sphaerica as cosmetic skin benefit agents, preferably as skin lightening agents alone or in combination with other skin benefit agents and together with a cosmetic vehicle. The inventive extracts, compositions and methods have effective skin lightening properties, may be easier to deliver to the skin, and are commercially available or cost-effective and available in nature. PatentPicks of Patents Published during the month of July 2008 by the World Intellectual Property Organization WO/2008/091161 F Bjerke Cosmetic composition containing spermine and emu oil Composition in form of a cream, liniment or oil for application on the skin for treatment of skin conditions such as wrinkles, burns, sunburns, aging, tired and stressed skin, and distinguished by the inclusion of a mixture of spermine, emu oil and possibly aloe vera.

Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd
Cosmetic composition for protecting skin against UV light and wrinkle improvement containing Magnolia sieboldii flower extracts
The active ingredient, Magnolia sieboldii extract, can protect the skin against UV lights and skin damage by suppressing skin cell death and cell DNA damage, and can reduce skin wrinkles by promoting the biosynthesis of collagen and suppressing the synthesis of collagenases.

STC Nara Co., Ltd.
Cosmetic compositions for skin-tightening and method of skin-tightening using the same
Disclosed are compositions containing a hydrolyzed plant protein and glycoprotein in an optimal amount, thereby causing the occurrence of an immediate contraction effect and a long-lasting contracting effect. They also achieve skin improvements such as skin moisturizing and induction of synthesizing collagen and elastine when used over a long period of time.

Labo Cosprophar AG
Cosmetic composition for the treatment and/or prevention of skin stretch marks
The compositions are based on the synergic association of a base formulation containing matrikine(s), rutin and Phaseolus extract, with one or more active principles of a natural origin selected from real aloe extract, vitamin E, sericin, Delesseria sanguinea extract, Saccharomices lysate, Chlorella alga extract, and lipopeptide comprising the amino-acid sequence Lys-Thr-Thr-Lys-Ser.

SK Chemicals Co., Ltd
Cosmetic composition for anti-aging of skin
Disclosed are compositions prepared by extracting, fractionizing, purifying and pulverizing Gentiana scabra Bunge, ginkgo leaves and Agaricus blazei Murrill, respectively, and then mixing the resulting powders in an appropriate ratio to be homogenized. The resulting mixture improves skin elasticity and regenerates epidermal cells through an elastase inhibiting effect, an epidermal cell proliferating effect, a hyaluronic acid biosynthesis effect, a laminin producing effect, a skin immune enhancing effect, a skin turnover promoting effect and a skin moisturizing effect.

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