Patent Pick: Cryogenic Skin Repair


Spinning brushes for exfoliation rolled over from dermatology into the mainstream cosmetics market. Could cryogenic microprobing be the next invention to "insert" itself?  While certainly more invasive than cosmetics, this chilling procedure is worth a second look.

Dermal and transdermal cryogenic microprobe systems
U.S. Patent 9254162
Publication date: Feb. 9, 2016
Assignee: MyoScience, Inc.

This patent describes a medical device and system to treat dermatological and/or cosmetic defects, and/or a range of additional target tissues. Embodiments involve applying cooling through a small, hollow, tissue-penetrating probe or needle into the skin without leaving a visible scar.

Treatment may be applied along most or all of the insertable length of the needle by introducing cryogenic cooling fluid into the hollow of the needle through a fused silica fluid supply tube, which also meters the cooling fluid. Treatment temperature and/or time control may be enhanced using a pressure relief valve coupled to the needle via a limited total exhaust volume space.

This device aims to improve upon existing medical devices and systems particularly for the treatment of wrinkles, fat, cellulite and other cosmetic defects. Ideally, it allows patients to decrease or eliminate the injection of toxins while providing similar or improved cosmetic results.

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