Patent Pick: No Way. Whey?

The list goes on as far as skin and food allergies prevalent in today's society. So when this invention claimed anti-aging benefits based on a natural  protein, I was "itching" to dig deeper.

Skin-beautifying agent
U.S. Patent 9255123
Publication date: Feb. 9, 2016
Assignee: Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd.

Described in this patent is a skin-beautifying agent based on whey that has skin moisturizing effects and prevents roughness, wrinkles and reduced elasticity. Also disclosed are products incorporating it, including cosmetics, food or drink, feed, medicine and others.

The agent contains a hydrolyzate of whey protein as the active ingredient. In particular, its molecular weight distribution is10 kDa or less, it has a main peak of 200 Da-3 kDa, its average peptide length is from 2-8, and it has free amino acid content of 20% or less. Further, its β-lactoglobulin antigenicity is 1/10,000 or less, which provides a topical skin-beautifying agent with low allergenicity and an ingestible agent with low bitterness.

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