Patent Pick: Poloxamer API Delivery

Poloxamer carrier for active pharmaceutical ingredients
WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/134822
Publication date: Sept. 11, 2015
Assignee: Professional Compounding Centers of America

According to this patent, while current topical antifungals treat fungal and yeast infections, they can cause side effects including rashes and itching. There is thus a need for new treatment options using vehicles that exhibit fewer side effects and can carry more effective pharmaceutical compositions.

Described here are pharmaceutical compositions including a micronized poloxamer base combined with one or more suitable active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), such as antibacterials or antifungals. These provide synergistic effects for the APIs.

The micronized poloxamer composition exhibits a particle size average of ~ 50 μm, which enhances the solubility of the APIs. Said composition can be delivered in powders, sprays, ointments, pastes, creams, lotions, solutions and patches, among other forms.

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