Red and White Wine Steeped in Anti-aging Potential


A study published in Antioxidants explored the anti-aging and antioxidant potential of red and white wine topical extracts for skin care.

An imbalance between levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in skin and natural antioxidant enzymes is well-known to negatively affect homeostasis. As such, these researchers measured the antioxidant activity of white and red wine extracts (whose alcoholic fractions were removed) for the formulation of anti-aging cosmetics.

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Antioxidant effects were measured by catalase activity under conditions of stress and anti-aging potential via the β-galactosidase colorimetric assay. Results showed the wine extracts exhibited remarkable antioxidant and anti-aging activity, especially on cells exposed to a marked stressful event.

Read the open access article for full details.

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