Patent Pick: Kao Device Puts a Spin on Topical Delivery


Handheld electrospinning or electrospraying devices are not novel for topical cosmetic application. What is novel, as outlined in a recent patent application from Kao and H. Sugawara, is the ability to 'reload' them with reusable components.

As previously reported, Kao's "Fine Fiber" technology, developed in 2018, uses direct spraying to skin to create a light, soft and natural layer of a given ultra-thin membrane. In relation, a recent patent application improves on said electrospinning and electrospraying technologies with a reusable approach to replenish product formulas in the devices.

Electrospinning in the Art

According to the inventors, existing handheld electrospraying or electrospinning devices may have a durable device portion and a consumable portion containing the formula or material for application. Furthermore, the consumable portion may be provided within the durable portion for operation.

However, these devices may not be provided with a so-called semi-durable portion configured to receive a consumable portion. Generally, the consumable portion is directly provided to the durable portion.

The Patent

Electrospinning devices and systems and methods thereof
WIPO Patent Application WO/2020/081801
Publication date: April 23, 2020
Assignee: Kao Corp. and Hirokatsu Sugawara 

Disclosed in this patent application is a portable, handheld electrospinning or electrospraying device and system including a durable portion, a semi-durable portion and a consumable portion. The consumable portion can be received and held by the semi-durable portion, and the semi-durable portion can be removably coupled to the durable portion.

Thie device and system can be used to apply a cosmetic such as a base or foundation, concealer, moisturizer, coloring agent, deodorant, scent/fragrance, sun protection, creams; as well as topical drugs, antimicrobial barriers and coatings, hydrophobic/phallic surface treatments, anti-fouling coatings, tissue repair, etc.

Additional details and device specifications are outlined in the patent application.

Patent application accessed on April 27, 2020.

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