Atopic Dermatitis Yardstick Measures Up


New treatment options and drugs for atopic dermatitis (AD) have been developed over recent years. In order to provide physicians with tools needed to keep up with the treatment tide, the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology published a new yardstick that offers a clear-cut guide to available options.

Recent treatment guidance documents—including one from the American Academy of Dermatology—refer to various specialists, depending on the author. The new yardstick was written to “be referred to by all specialties, particularly when it comes to how and when to step up care for the patient,” according to the document.

“The Atopic Dermatitis Yardstick was written by AD experts who are allergists and dermatologists because we want physicians who see patients with AD on a regular basis to know there are effective treatment options available,” said Mark Boguniewicz, M.D., lead author.

The yardstick covers several possibilities in treatment, including:

  • Recommendations on appropriate medications;
  • Challenges to treatment success;
  • Definitions of disease severity;
  • Potential treatment failures; and
  • Emerging science and implications of new therapies.

However, authors clarified that the yardstick is not intended to replace treatment guidelines, but rather complement existing recommendations while providing updated information on newer treatment options.

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