Patent Pick: Clover Polyphenol Antioxidant Trio


It is well-known that sunscreens can protect skin against the formation of free radicals caused by sun exposure. An added measure to protect skin is to treat it with antioxidants, which quench free radicals and terminate the chain reaction they propagate that damages the skin.

According to a recent Boots patent application, there is continuing interest among consumers and cosmetic manufacturers to improve skin care products by increasing and maximizing the benefits they can deliver to skin.

Disclosed in this invention are skin care compositions shown to protect the skin more effectively from exposure to exogenous environmental insults. Thus, the present invention relates not only to skin care, but also to methods of providing improved protection against damage to skin caused by sunlight, environmental stress and/or atmospheric pollution.

Antioxidant skin care complex
European Patent Application EP3069710
Publication date: Sept. 21, 2016
Assignee: The Boots Company PLC

In particular, this invention describes a liquid cosmetic composition comprising a specific trio of antioxidants:

1. A first antioxidant plant polyphenolic agent selected from: red clover, grape, oregano, sunflower, maritime pine bark, rosemary, marjoram, crocus, French saffron, wild carrot, hop, coffee, green coffee, witch hazel, oak, camellia, flax, ginger, magnolia, edelweiss, burdock and mixtures thereof;

2. A second antioxidant plant polyphenolic agent selected from: emblica, gingko, lemon, blueberry, apple, cherry, birch, moringa, thyme, cornflower, geranium, white lotus, marshmallow, bilberry, cranberry extract, pomegranate nectar, polygonum, green tea, white tea, soy and mixtures thereof; and

3. At least one antioxidant selected from: vitamin E, vitamin E derivative, chromane antioxidant and mixtures thereof.

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