Smell That? Neither Do Beiersdorf Researchers

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Researchers from Beiersdorf recently published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science on the efficacy of polyquaternium-16 (PQ-16) in a roll-on deodorant, which effectively prevented the formation of malodor.

According to the article abstract, considering increased demand for safe and effective deodorants, not to mention perfect timing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's expressed concerns over triclosan, the company compared the antimicrobial effectiveness of PQ-16 in a roll-on deodorant formulation vs. the active aluminium chlorohydrate and one other commercial deodorant.

Treatment with PQ-16, in comparison with the commercial deodorant, significantly reduced the log10 bacterial count. Also, after 24 hr and 48 hr, trained sniffers rated malodor production in the PQ-16-treated axillae significantly lower. 

Compared with aluminium chlorohydrate, PQ-16 decreased the log10 bacterial count greater after 1 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr and 24 hr (significantly for 4 hr and 8 hr). After 48 hr, the log10 bacterial counts were similar between the two actives. Also, the trained sniffer panel reported no significant differences in axillary malodor after 24 hr and 48 hr.

Researchers noted the new formula was well-tolerated by the study population, thus indicating PQ-16 is an innovative and skin-friendly alternative deodorant active.

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