Patent Pick: 'Shocking' Skin Delivery News


The Estée Lauder Companies has developed a system to deliver skin care ingredients to multiple targeted areas for different concerns. Described in the following patent application, the skin care agents penetrate the skin via a patch or mask that generates microcurrent. 

Targeted delivery of skin care treatments with microcurrent in a mask or patch form
WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/053687 
Publication date: April 7, 2016 
Assignee: The Estée Lauder Companies Management, LLC 

Described in this patent application is a facial treatment delivery system. It uses skin care benefit agents and iontophoresis in micro-current zones to treat multiple targeted areas of concern. The system includes a sheet substrate with said skin care agents and a reduction agent, in addition to a separate activating cream with an oxidation agent.

The activating cream is applied to the skin, followed by the sheet substrate. The combined reduction agent of the sheet substrate and the oxidation agent of the activating cream cause a redox reaction to generate microcurrent. This current facilitates the delivery of skin benefit agents from the sheet by iontophoresis, or can directly affect other treatments by delivering iontophoresis microcurrent to the skin.

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