Patent Pick: Formulating 'Heavy'? Lighten Up.


Greasy, heavy formulations "dragging" down your product development? This patent application relates to a gel composition that provides a light, refreshing feel upon application.

Gel-type cosmetic composition
U.S. Patent Application 20160000662
Publication fate: Jan. 7, 2016
Inventors: V. Ferrari and E. Valverde

Disclosed in this patent application is a composition for keratin materials, in particular the skin and/or lips, comprising: at least one aqueous phase, gelled with at least one hydrophilic agent; and at least one oily phase, gelled with at least one hydrogen-bonding polymer. These phases are combined to form a macroscopically homogeneous mixture.

The described blend provides users freshness, lightness, emollience, comfort, coverage of imperfections, color and more, without a greasy and tacky feel, or feeling of drag upon application.

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