Patent Picks—Natural Fragrance, Antifungal Peptides, Schizandra Acne Treatment, Uchuhuba Mattifier and More

Chosen biweekly by Rachel Grabenhofer, editor of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, for their relevance to personal care, Patent Picks are taken from publicly available sources. This edition features patents related to nature-derived and nature-inspired technologies.

Gamma-undecenolactone and a method for the preparation and use thereof for cosmetics and in the form of food additives
US Patent 7884130
Publication date: Feb. 8, 2011
Assignee: V. Mane Fils

According to this patent, gamma-lactones are aromatic molecules that constitute the aroma and flavor of many natural products. The present invention relates to a new lactone, gamma-undecenolactone, to its production via biological stereoselective synthesis of each of its (R) or (S) isomers, and to its uses, in particular in the food and perfumery sector. As natural products are increasingly appreciated by the general public, industries that use aromatic or odorant compounds have concentrated their efforts on the development of natural aromatizing substances and preparations. Biotechnological processes now make it possible to synthesize natural molecules at reasonable expense, as is the case for gamma-lactones.  

Linear cationic peptides having antibacterial and/or antifungal properties
US Patent 7884070
Publication date: Feb. 8, 2011
Assignee: Diatos S.A.

The current invention describes peptides for preventing and/or treating a bacterial and/or fungal infection. These peptides can be prepared by chemical synthesis or by genetic engineering in a prokaryote cell such as a bacterium; in a eukaryote cell such as a yeast; a CHO cell; an NSO cell; in a transgenic animal, e.g., in the milk of a transgenic rabbit, goat or ewe or the like; or in a transgenic plant such as, for example, tobacco plants. 

This patent thus pertains to a pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food-processing composition comprising, as an active principle, at least one peptide as defined above combined with one or more pharmaceutically acceptable vehicles, diluents, excipients or the like selected as a function of the desired application.

Light duty liquid detergent compositions of sulfonated estolides and other derivatives of fatty acids
US Patent 7884064
Publication date: Feb. 8, 2011
Assignee: Stepan Co.

This patent describes light duty liquid detergent formulations that contain sulfo-estolide surfactants, sulfo-estolide derivatives and salts of sulfo-estolides. These compositions are useful for soil removal applications including, but not limited to, washing dishes by hand. The sulfo-estolide surfactants/compositions/components of the present technology provide green and/or eco-friendly compositions that are plant-derived and biodegradable and achieve adequate foaming and cleansing.

The formulations of this technology may also be included in compositions including cleaning adjuncts such as suds boosters, dispersant polymers, pigments, dyes, fillers, hydrotropes, antioxidants, enzyme-stabilizing agents, solvents, brighteners, fabric softeners and other fabric care agents, and surface and skin care agents, among others.

Natural vegetable oil concentrated in unsaponifiable matters as food ingredient, nutricosmetic
US Patent 7883729
Publication date: Feb. 8, 2011
Assignee: Laboratories Expanscience

The inventors of this patent describe a natural vegetable oil selected from: palm, corn germ, sunflower and canola, concentrated in unsaponifiable matters such that said oil unsaponifiable matter content is 3% to 15% m/m. This concentrated natural vegetable oil constitutes a novel food ingredient enriched in particular in vitamin E and phytosterol, meeting the recommended daily intake. The present invention also relates to an oral cosmetic treatment method, in particular for improving the appearance of the skin.

Skin care compositions with botanic seed oils 
US Patent 7883726
Publication date: Feb. 8, 2011
Assignee: Cuticeuticals Inc.

Disclosed in this patent are topical skin care compositions including blends of botanic seed oils prepared according to a cold press method. One base composition described uses a multivesicular emulsion skin care delivery system, whereas another includes a micelle skin care delivery system. The described compositions include approximately 98–99.9% w/w of the base composition and 0.1–2% w/w of blends of botanic seed oil consisting of red raspberry seed oil and a plurality of botanic oils selected from the following seed oils: pumpkin, chardonnay, carrot, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, black cumin and black raspberry.

Schizandra peptide extract for acne treatment
WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/012615
Publication date: Feb. 3, 2011
Assignee: Laboratoires Expanscience

The present invention relates to a cosmetic, nutraceutical or dermatological composition for treating or preventing acne, comprising a peptide and oside extract of schizandra fruit, preferably, obtained from Schizandra sphenanthera, and a suitable excipient. The composition may also comprise at least one anti-acne agent selected from a sebum-regulating agent, an antibacterial and/or antifungal agent, a keratolytic agent and/or a keratoregulating agent, an astringent, an anti-inflammatory and/or anti-irritant, an antioxidant and/or a free-radical scavenger, a cicatrizing agent; an anti-aging agent and a moisturizing agent.

The invention also relates to a method for cosmetic treatment of acne, characterized in that a cosmetic composition, according to the invention, is applied to the affected areas of the skin, or in that the affected individual takes a nutraceutical composition according to the invention orally.

Eliminating skin shine with ucuhuba butter
WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/011840
Publication date: Feb. 3, 2011
Assignee: Natura Cosméticos S.A.

The present application relates to cosmetic compositions comprising Virola surinamens (ucuhuba butter) capable of providing a matte effect to eliminate skin shine and/or oiliness. The present application also relates to the use of ucuhuba butter in body or facial emulsions and in makeup and to a process for the preparation of ucuhuba butter useful for the cosmetic compositions of the application.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial lipopeptides in cosmetics
US Patent Application 20110030103
Publication date: Feb. 3, 2011
Inventors: G. Reznik, K.A. Jarrell and P. Vishwanath

Novel lipopeptides and engineered polypeptides useful in synthesizing lipopeptides are provided. Also provided are methods of making lipopeptides using engineered polypeptides and methods of using lipopeptides, e.g., as insecticidal and/or antimicrobial agents. The invention also provides methods of using engineered lipopeptide synthetase polypeptides and lipopeptides produced by the synthetase polypeptides.

In certain embodiments, lipopeptides are used as insecticidal agents, antimicrobial agents (e.g., antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, or antiprotazoal) surfactants and food or feed additives (e.g., as a nutritional supplement). Some lipopeptides are incorporated into cosmetic compositions for skin, hair, or nails. Lipo-dipeptides (e.g., lipo-dipeptides that include a methionine residue) are used in both food or feed additives and cosmetic compositions.

Vegetable peptone for promoting stem cell proliferation
US Patent Application 20110028404
Publication date: Feb. 3, 2011
Assignee: Bio Spectrum Inc.

The present invention relates to a composition for promoting stem cell proliferation that contains a vegetable peptone. More specifically, this invention relates to: a serum-free composition for culturing stem cells that contains a vegetable peptone; a composition for improving skin condition containing the vegetable peptone as an active ingredient; and a composition for improving skin condition containing a culture medium as an active ingredient in which cultured stem cells are removed after being cultured in a serum-free composition medium for stem cell culture containing the vegetable peptone.

Since the disclosed serum-free composition for culturing stem cells does not use expensive animal serum, the manufacturing cost can be remarkably lowered. Also, the contamination caused by the use of animal serum can be prevented. In addition, the vegetable peptone composition and the serum-free stem cell medium both serve to promote and activate the proliferation of stem cells and improve various skin conditions.

Naturally derived eyelash and eyebrow fortifier 
US Patent Application 20110027207
Publication date: Feb. 3, 2011
Inventors: B. Kaminsky

The present invention describes a composition containing six families of compounds with physiologically active properties for enhancing and maintaining full, long and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows. The compounds include amino acids, peptides, saccharides, alpha hydroxy acids, phenolic compounds, organic or inorganic minerals and plant based hormones. The combination of these ingredients provides for enhanced appearance and growth and meeting proper nutritional dermal requirements for eyelashes and eyebrows. The formulations described in the application are derived from natural sources; therefore, making the formulations more environmentally friendly and more applicable on sensitive skin.

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