Skin and Hair Care Patents

Patents and intellectual property are vital to building and growing businesses but during the creative formulating process it is nearly impossible to research every patent that is issued. To assist in your research, Cosmetics & features collections of recently issued patents chosen by our technical editor, Bud Brewster, for their relevance to personal care. These "Patent Picks" are taken from publicly available sources, collected and presented here for your convenience.

Limited Liability Company
‘Mito Technology’ Pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions for accelerated healing of wounds and other surface damages
The invention can be used in medicine for preparing a pharmacological composition used for accelerated healing of wounds by means of addressed (directed) delivery of biologically active agents to mitochondria by means electrochemical potential of hydrogen ions contained therein. The invention also can be used for producing a cosmetic agent for improving the state of the skin and for the revitalization and regeneration thereof.

Duke University
Compositions and methods for treating hair loss using C16-C20 aromatic tetrahydro prostaglandins
A method for treating hair loss in mammals uses compositions containing prostaglandin F analogs. The compositions can be applied topically to the skin. The compositions can arrest hair loss, reverse hair loss, and promote hair growth.

Sunscreen compositions comprising insoluble organic UV-screening agents and hydroxyalkylurea compounds
Cosmetics, notably anti-sun/sunscreen compositions having improved comfort after application onto keratin materials, such as human skin, contain at least one system for screening out UV radiation. They also contain at least one insoluble organic UV-screening agent, at least one hydroxyalkylurea compound as specified in the patent, and a topically applicable, cosmetically acceptable carrier.

Bioland Ltd and Cheju National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
Cosmetic composition for preventing and improving baldness
An extract of Schisandra nigra Max. shows activity for preventing baldness and stimulating activity of hair growth being. This activity was confirmed by several experiments such as the growth rate test using by vibrissa follicle, PCNA and TGF-β2 expression test in rat hair follicles. Accordingly, the inventive extract can be used as a cosmetic composition for the treatment of baldness and stimulation of hair growth.

Unilever Home & Personal Care USA, division of Conopco, Inc.
Skin care cosmetic compositions and methods for microemulsification of sebum on contact
A combination of a nonionic tri-block poly-propylene-oxide, poly-ethylene-oxide alcohol ether surfactant coupled with block polymer poly(butadiene-b-ethylene oxide) is an excellent surfactant phase to microemulsify sebum on contact. A method of microemulsification of sebum on contact with these compositions contain these combinations will form microemulsions that can enhance deep pore cleansing of skin and delivery of skin benefit actives into the skin.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Cosmetic Depilatory Composition
This cosmetic cold-wax depilatory composition comprises a hydrocarbon resin at 50–99% by weight and a flexibilizer or plasticizer at 0.5–10% by weight. Also provides are methods of applying the composition to a strip of material for removal of hair without the need for heating.

Aqueous cosmetic composition comprising salicyclic acid derivatives
The present invention relates to an aqueous composition for topical application comprising at least one (C8– C14)alkyl betaine and at least one salicylic acid acylated derivative, the molar ratio of the (C8– C14)alkyl betaine(s) to the salicylic acid derivative(s) being equal to or greater than 1. The composition can be used for peeling or cleaning the skin or also for treating greasy skin.

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