An Antimicrobial Deodorant

Mechanisms of body odor generation: Ohnuki reviews recent studies on body odor generating mechanisms and development of antiperspirants. In recent years, in response to increased consumer demand for antiperspirants with deodorant functions, the antiperspirant deodorant market has expanded. Accordingly, each company is energetically doing research on body odor and developing antiperspirants.

Ohnuki reviewed body odor-generating mechanisms and suppression technologies. The following mechanisms were reviewed: a spicy axillary odor, 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-hexanoic acid; a newly found metallic body odor, vinyl ketone; and gender difference in sensitivity to male body odor. The following suppression technologies were reviewed:

• Long-lasting antibacterial and deodorant effect by aluminum chlorohydrate/isostearic acid complex salt.
• Analysis of isovaleric acid generated by skin-resident bacteria and inhibitory effect of Sophora flavescens extract.
• Deodorization effect by “sweat pH” at a low value.
• Application of apricot kernel extract for androstenone suppression.
• Application of Morus alba extract and highly porous silica beads containing magnesium oxide for vinyl ketones suppression.

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