Inhibiting Melanin Formation

L’Oréal discloses methods and compositions utilizing (dialkylamino)alkoxy ethanol esters for cosmetic treatment of wrinkled skin.The compositions contain at least one (dialkylamino)alkoxy ethanol ester having the chemical structure shown in Figure 1. A cosmetic composition containing 1% (diethylamino)ethoxy ethanol decanoate is disclosed.

Cognis France discloses cosmetic formulations containing peptide fragments of parathyroid hormone (PTH). These peptide fragments, or derivatives or salts of these peptide fragments, alone or together, can be used for pharmaceuticals or for cosmetic treatments of skin and hair to prevent the condition or appearance of intrinsic or extrinsic cutaneous deterioration. Proposed cosmetic formulations contain a derivative of peptide fragments of parathyroid hormone. The PTH (29–32) peptide fragment stimulates expression of many fibroblast genes strongly involved in the skin quality.

Fatty materials in a skin care emulsion: Procter & Gamble discloses skin care compositions containing fatty materials and polyhydric alcohols. Fatty materials having a specifi c melting temperature between 21°C and 40°C are solid at room temperature, but melt readily on contact with skin. The fatty materials are combined with a high level of humectant to provide highly moisturizing compositions having improved application feel for the user. An example of an oil-in-water emulsion is shown in Formula 1. 

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