[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: Market Recovery and Opportunities in Brazilian Beauty


How has the Brazilian beauty market adapted to the 'new normal' in light of COVID-19? In one word: innovatively.

Here, Gueisa Silverio, of Beautycare Brazil, describes to Rachel Grabenhofer, of Cosmetics & Toiletries, how the Brazilian market has shifted in response to COVID-19, where opportunities lie and how cooperative organizations like Beautycare Brazil can help.

"We expect [the market] to revive. If we compare the first period of the year, color cosmetics and fragrance had a decrease but if we compare just monthly, especially by now, we are seeing increases. ... Face masks, for example, grew around 51% with the self-care movement of consumers. ...The market is beginning to open."

To learn more watch now:

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