Induchem Activates Opioid Receptors for Anti-aging

Induchem has created an anti-aging active to maintain and activate opioid receptors in the skin to regulate cell differentiation, migration and proliferation. More specifically, Rubixyl (INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Hexapeptide) controls the expression of delta opioid receptors (DOR) in skin cells, whose reduction leads to the lower differentiation capability of skin cells and a weaker skin structure.

By counteracting the effect of cytokines, the neuro-calming peptide is able to restore the expression of DOR in human epidermis, increasing the level of skin cell differentiation markers. Seven key epidermis proteins affected by aging are thereby restored. This action reinforces the skin barrier and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A double-blind clinical test of women 40-65 years, 50% smokers, compared the effects of the active with a placebo. It showed that after 15 days, the skin appeared younger, smoother and more hydrated, with a visible reduction in deep wrinkles such as the crow’s feet. The active is recommended at 0.1-2.0% in eye care products, wrinkle treatment products, mature facial care, neck care products, restructuring body care, and products for daily aggression protection.

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