NPD Reports US Color Shift from Nails to Eyes and Lips

Growth in U.S. prestige makeup is shifting from nails to eyes and lips, according to a press release by The NPD Group. “The shift in where women focus their color needs and desires is a natural one, and it will no doubt change again,” said Karen Grant, global beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group.

“Color is key when it comes to makeup. It’s the area where consumers play with fashion and are willing to experiment, as they seek ways to make bold statements and refresh their look.”

Eyebrow makeup and eye shadow are two areas that saw the most growth within eye makeup in the 12 months ending November 2014, with 34% and 9%, respectively. In addition, lip color (13%) drove growth in lip makeup. In contrast, color enamel prompted the nail segment’s dollar decline, with a 10% drop in sales.

“Consumers are paying attention to the marketing focus around eye and lip color, and responding to multi-color pallets that have become more prevalent, but that is just part of the dynamic at play,” added Grant. “Marketers and consumers are seeing that makeup and color are affordable ways to try what’s new and in vogue. Much of the power lies in speed of response and putting that in the hands of trendsetters as well as the early adopters. This responsiveness to the consumer environment will continue to shape the future of color in beauty.”

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