Anti-aging Hair Care on the Rise

One of the latest trends in the global beauty industry is the proliferation of anti-aging hair products. Consequently, beauty product developers, ingredient suppliers and brands large and small have been busy addressing the graying population in hopes of attracting the baby boomer marketplace. With concerns over thinning, breakage, dryness and over-processing, consumers have been looking for the holy grail of hair restoration for years, and are finally getting some answers that won’t cost them the proverbial arm and a leg.

“The majority of women currently treating thinner hair are unsatisfied with their current regime and very interested in a natural alternative,” says Cindy Angerhofer, Aveda’s executive director of its Botanical Research Lab. “This significant gap in treatment inspired Aveda to enter the anti-thinning hair category to provide [consumers] with high-performing, botanically derived solutions, and capitalize on a considerable growth opportunity of the brand.” Anti-aging hair concerns among consumers know no geographic boundary, she adds. “Forty-six percent of women globally are concerned with thinning hair, yet only a quarter of them act on it.”

Chemsil’s Bob Griffith, vice president of sales and business development, added, “We need to be addressing hair serums that add luster and shine that would also remove the yellow. ...Focusing on anti-aging hair care is a trend in North America and Europe. I think the baby boomer generation is enjoying a much longer life expectancy [than previous generations], and they want to maintain a healthier lifestyle,” Griffith adds.

Naomi Serviss is a freelance writer based in New York.

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