Embrace ‘New Normal’ needs in Personal Care


Experiences of the past year and changes in lifestyle, habits and perceptions have led to a new set of motivations driving the purchasing decisions of beauty consumers.

Capture their desire for togetherness and adapt to new societal behaviors in your innovative, creative product development, guided by the inspirational insights of Clariant’s BeautyForward No. 5.

Our novel formulations are crafted around the take-aways of three core global trends as life moves forward in the ‘New Normal.’ Discover Ubuntu, Hygiene Beauty and Beauty Unwrapped. Where soothing, calming and relaxing skin care, moisturizing sanitizers and non-plastic packaging options provide food for thoughtful, relatable and effective skin, hair and body care. Each formulation exemplifies a method of delivering thoughtful and relatable personal care products via the choice of select ingredients to enable sought-after claims.

Dive deep into the trends in our customer launch webinar. For more information and to sign up, go to www.clariant.com/personalcare


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