Expert Opinions: Clean Beauty


This month, experts weighed in on everything "clean beauty"; from label transparency*, a botanical revolution, consumer education, performance and safety, to green chemistries, Pickering emulsions, social progress, simplicity, upcycled solutions and more.

Read their full responses exclusively in the Nov./Dec. 2019 digital magazine; topics including the following.

Label Transparency*
Jared Powell, Frontier Label
*Adapted with permission from Global Cosmetic Industry, February 2019

Botanical Revolution? 
Rebecca Blahosky, Botanic Innovations

Performance is Key
Christina Dean, Brenntag Specialties

Consumer Education and Color Cosmetics
Kira Drabble, Croda

Sustainable, Green and Social Progress
Edith Filaire, GREENTECH

New Seals and Greener Chemistries
Cindy Yu, Ingredion

Consumer Traction and Global Compliance,
Albert Babik, Jeen International

Simple, Scientific and Effective
Elena Cañadas, Lubrizol

Agriculture, Blockchain and Pickering Emulsions, 
Isabelle Lacasse, IFF/Lucas Meyer

Maintaining Nature and Truly Green Solutions
Irina Churikova, PineAqua Ltd.

Unmodified Naturals and Upcycled Solutions
Tony Abboud, Renmatix

Social Media, Apps and Ethics
Pascaline Criton, Sederma

Eco Alarms and Biotechnology
John Toner, Aprinnova

Verifiable Sustainability and Biotech Solutions
Kyle Huston, Genomatica

Silicones, Safety and Clean Beauty**
Charles Granatell and John Gormley, Grant Industries
**Adapted from the Clean Beauty eBook

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