Editor’s Note: Touchy Topic


Three years ago, we predicted dermocosmetics would surpass anti-aging.1 “Achieving beautiful skin is no longer confined to wearing makeup or applying anti-aging creams,” we wrote. “Consumers are moving toward healthy lifestyles and want to feel and look good. To do so, they seek to maintain hydrated, luminous skin and protect it from external impurities via anti-pollution solutions.” We also noted how preventive skin care, including nutricosmetics, was proving to be a formidable source of growth.

Similarly, a 2018 blog post from Euromonitor2 observed that while aging remains a leading skin concern for consumers, their focus has shifted toward skin health and prevention. In relation, dermocosmetic brands are adopting language to more strongly fit the anti-aging scene. Euromonitor reports, “Dermocosmetic brands draw from their pharmaceutical background and technological advances beyond simple hydration or firmness and emphasize efficacious formulations.” The article goes on to add that this attracts consumers drawn to multiple benefits and specific ingredient formulations.

A natural extension of this shift consumer mind-set is the greater awareness for not only the ingredients in products, à la “clean beauty,” but also for how one’s individual skin responds to specific ingredients and triggers. Enter: sensitive skin.

This month, we explore this phenomenon of sensitive skin. From formulating to calm the irritation cascade and reinforce the skin barrier; to a natural active that repairs and soothes skin; an anti-inflammatory scalp care approach that reduces hair fall; and test methods to measure sensory receptor activity. This issue delves deeply, yet gently, into this touchy topic.


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