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N95 Mask-wearing Found Not to Affect Microbiome

In unpublished work, a small (n = 10) study by Amway found that N95 mask-wearing does not affect the skin microbiome.

Gattefossé x BioMeca Develop 3D Dermal Microtissue to Study Elasticity

Gattefossé and BioMeca jointly developed a 3D dermal microtissue model to study skin's elastic properties in vitro as a way to advance cosmetic anti-aging strategies.

Brazilian Bamboo Boosts SPF, Stability In vitro

A study published in Industrial Crops and Products showed that the addition of bamboo extracts to commercial UV filters significantly increased their SPF and photostability.

Autophagy‐activating Peptide Reduces Acne and Improves Barrier Function

Topical application of the peptide led to a reduction of closed comedones, skin surface lipids and trans‐epidermal water loss.

Technology Surveillance as a Tool to Advance Cosmetics R&D

In this brief commentary, industry veteran Paul Thau shares insights on what technology transfer is, historic moments in its evolution and key resources product developers can use to help advance cosmetics R&D.

Patent Pick: L'Oréal's Voice-activated Skin Care Device

A recent patent from L'Oréal describes a voice-activated motorized skin treatment device.

Comparatively Speaking: O/W, W/O, Micro, Pickering and Suspo Emulsions

In this installment of his "Comparatively Speaking" series, industry expert Tony O'Lenick compares emulsion types for the benefit of novice formulators.

Skin Microbiome Manipulation as a Therapeutic Opportunity?

A review published in the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal explores the current state of the art in skin microbiome manipulation and transplantation for potential therapies.

Combinatorial Skin Care: Heredity, Experience and Enhanced Product Customization

Current approaches to skin care customization focus on the individual’s skin type with little attention to the impact of their heritage. Described here is a diagnostic tool combining intrinsic, i.e., population-driven research in the literature, with extrinsic factors collected through self-assessment.

Could Protein Folding Reshape Anti-aging Cosmetics?

"It is probable that helping the chaperone [proteins] and the unfolded protein response pathway in aged cells...turns out to be beneficial to the cell and subsequently to the skin....Further research would shed more light on this new approach."

Patent Pick: P&G's Printable Cosmetic Ink

Cosmetics that are "printed" or deposited by a device onto skin are rising in popularity. How might their formulas vary from traditional products? This look at a recent P&G patent provides insight.

Shiseido Uncovers Root Cause of Wrinkles and 'Pre-wrinkles'

Shiseido's 3D imaging technology has uncovered the root cause of wrinkles and "pre-wrinkles": an elasticity gap between the stratum corneum and dermis.

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