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Industry Insight: Bugs and Beauty Sleep

We all know “beauty sleep” is the real deal. What we don’t know is how our gut microbiome impacts it. J&J is interested in this connection, as Stefanie Dhanda explained in a recent podcast. Following is an excerpt.

Comparatively Speaking: Soluble vs. Insoluble

What’s the difference between something that is soluble vs. insoluble? Tony O’Lenick explores this notion. At first, he writes, this may seem quite simple but a deeper investigation provides formulation insight.

Patent Pick: Anti-aging Answered by Nature

Chanel inventors picked a winner with a nature-derived approach to anti-aging. In a recent patent, the company describes a Solidago virgaurea subsp. alpestris (aka: goldenrod) extract to counter MMPs and free radicals for skin benefits.

Nano-sized Discovery Reveals Enormous Seasonal Skin Treatment Potential

The results of a new study suggest climate can affect the skin on biochemical and ultrastructural levels. This provides new pieces to the puzzle of seasonal differences in xerosis and dermatitis.

Patent Pick: True Colors, Revealed

AmorePacific inventors have nothing to hide with their latest patent application for encapsulated pigments, which become visible upon application.

[podcast] Author Commentary: Estelle Loing, Ph.D., on Safeguarding Squalene

Estelle Loing, Ph.D., global R&D director for IFF/Lucas Meyer, authored a new article about protecting squalene from pollution-initiated oxidation. In this podcast, she explains the inspiration for this work.

Words from Wiechers on 'Shaken, Not Stirred' Cosmetics R&D

In this installment of our Words from Wiechers series, the late author encourages the industry to put more energy into products; i.e., "shaking, not stirring" them, for more innovative outcomes.

IL-17: The Key To Psoriasis and Cardiac Disease?

The Journal of American Academy of Dermatology studied the correlation between psoriasis and cardiovascular disease, as well as what could be causing it.

Patent Pick: Sensorial Sebum Absorption

To foam or not to foam; that was the question. P&G inventors went the foam route in a new patent application that marries stability with sebum absorption and aesthetics in a foam composition.

[podcast] Microbiome Interactions, Part II: External Forces

How do external forces or topical agents affect our skin microbiome? In part II of our podcast series on microbiome interactions, Greg Hillebrand, Ph.D., of Amway and Malcolm Kendall, of Microbiome Insights, share what's known and what's not. Listen now!

The Microbiome Movement: Commensal Cosmetics Offer a Viable Future

Various factors shape an individual’s skin microbiome, which has key effects on skin appearance and health. These are described herein, as is the potential to develop products in consideration of the microbiome.

Total Exposure: The Future of Sun Care is Full Light Protection

History has revealed what has become well-known today: the human skin requires sun protection. But are UV filters enough? Here, the authors discuss the negative effects caused by other wavelengths. In addition, they propose a full light defense strategy.

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