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[video] Natural Extraction in Action: Traditional vs. Supercritical Fluid Techniques

Extracting the phytochemicals of materials in nature is no small feat. Here, Arumugam Sivakumar, Ph.D., of Sami Labs/Sabinsa explains the capabilities of supercritical fluid extraction, in comparison with traditional approaches, as Cosmetics & Toiletries toured the farms and production sites of Sabinsa.

Triclosan Could Risk Bone Health, Research Suggests

Data suggests that triclosan can influence the development of osteoporosis in women, which may support additional regulatory action over the ingredient.

Is It Possible to Control Foam Collapse?

Research has identified the two mechanisms by which foam collapses, which could help formulators better control the prevention or acceleration of foam rupture in formulations.

Lauder Reveals Metabolomic Insights on Acne, Pollution, Aging and More

Leveraging the field of metabolomics, The Estée Lauder Companies has uncovered new insights relating to skin.

Green Isn't Enough: Social Progress is the Next Chapter for Naturals

The next chapter in the naturals story is a move toward social progress. This article considers what social progress and its metrics entail and provides case studies from the cosmetics industry.

Jojoba Oil Found to Stabilize Carrier Oils—Including Hemp

Recent testing found jojoba oil to provide stability in formulations based on several other oils.

[video] Skin Diversity, SPF, Dryness and Whitening

During in-cosmetics Global, Beverley Summers, Ph.D., of the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in South Africa, gave observations from her experience of overseeing a clinical skin testing facility.

Patent Pick: Sulfate-free Pump Delivery

Procter & Gamble inventors focused on sulfate-free, high-foaming cleanser in a recent patent application. Read more in this overview.

Patent Pick: Wash Slip and Glide Back Into Hair

Beiersdorf inventors are targeting dry, brittle hair with a novel cleansing composition to improve slip and glide. Learn more from this patent overview.

[podcast] Naturally Targeting Biology for Skin Benefits

In this interview, Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Mary Kay Inc., explains that specific natural ingredients can address hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Listen now to learn more.

Givaudan Research Fortifies Skin Microbiome Claims

With the skin microbiome on consumers' minds, Givaudan Active Beauty tested two ingredients for their microbiota-boosting performance.

Words from Wiechers: A 'License to Kill'

"Many patents are no longer filed to share our inventiveness...but just to prevent others from entering a market," Wiechers says. Instead, he encourages scientists patent findings in the spirit of the system's intent.

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