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Words from Wiechers: Sustainability Yes, But of What?

How well has our industry adopted sustainability? Find out what Tony O'Lenick and the late Johann Wiechers, Ph.D., think in this edition of our "Words from Wiechers" series.

Study Shows How Weather Changes Skin Texture

Climatic factors have the potential to influence skin health—especially its moisture levels and texture—according to research in the British Journal of Dermatology. These results may influence how consumers alter their skin care from season to season.

Patent Pick: Ivory Nut Powder/Mannan Exfoliant and Talc Additive

Microbeads and talc are two of today's hot-button issues raising industry (and regulator) alarm. A new patent application out of China, however, could cool things down with a natural and sustainable alternative—ivory nut.

Scent and Memory: Scientists Find New Connection

A recent study from the University of Toronto shed light on the connection to memory and smell.

New Study Uncovers Itch vs. Pain Signaling

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience provides some relief for a phenomenon over which scientists have been scratching their heads: itch vs. pain and their discrimination.

Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol and Both: Exploring Toxicity

This study underlines the significance of variations in the safety and efficacy of individual and combined preservative systems. It also reiterates the strategy of leveraging the right preservatives and levels for given formulation designs.

Shiseido Wins at China Cosmetics Academic Research Conference

The company's research on aging (including wrinkle formation) took home first prize and two second prizes for three research papers selected from 84 entries; to date, the company has taken home six first prizes at the conference.

[video] How Infrared Light Induces Cellular Senescence

Can infrared radiation cause cell death? This was the question Jaime Emmetsberger, Ph.D., of the Estée Lauder Companies, explored in a poster she presented at the International Investigative Dermatology Conference in Orlando. Learn more from this video interview.

Taking Shape: Genetic Facial Markers Discovered

Using novel 3D technology, researchers discovered 15 new genes that determine facial features, as published in Nature Genetics.

Patent Pick: Adhesion Holds the Secret to Highly Glossy and Saturated Metallics

Trendy metallic pigments are used to create a decorative, and shiny, effect on skin. The problem, however? They typically do not demonstrate high gloss or color saturation. A new patent application may help.

Melanoma Risk Drops 40% with Childhood Sunscreen Use

Recent research in JAMA Dermatology suggests that those who regularly used sunscreen as a child are at a significantly lower risk of melanoma; the study also sheds light on who is more likely to take that risk.

Bacteria Therapy Used to Treat Eczema

Bacteria therapy may not sound like the most glamorous form of treatment, but a recent double-blind study conducted by the National Health Institute found that it could work wonders for people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

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