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Taking Shape: Genetic Facial Markers Discovered

Using novel 3D technology, researchers discovered 15 new genes that determine facial features, as published in Nature Genetics.

Patent Pick: Adhesion Holds the Secret to Highly Glossy and Saturated Metallics

Trendy metallic pigments are used to create a decorative, and shiny, effect on skin. The problem, however? They typically do not demonstrate high gloss or color saturation. A new patent application may help.

Melanoma Risk Drops 40% with Childhood Sunscreen Use

Recent research in JAMA Dermatology suggests that those who regularly used sunscreen as a child are at a significantly lower risk of melanoma; the study also sheds light on who is more likely to take that risk.

Bacteria Therapy Used to Treat Eczema

Bacteria therapy may not sound like the most glamorous form of treatment, but a recent double-blind study conducted by the National Health Institute found that it could work wonders for people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Defensin Peptides Tested for Anti-aging Benefits

Defensin is believed to help improve aging skin based on its natural healing properties—recent research in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology examines its efficacy.

The Genetic Relation Between Skin Tanning and Burning

Scientists recently investigated whether or not genetics can be linked to the propensity of skin to burn or tan, and how this connection may also explain people at risk to skin cancer.

Patent Pick: Lipolytic Enzymes for Skin, Hair and Laundry

In its latest patent, Danisco, DuPont's food and beverage arm, was deeply set on new approaches to remove stains. A lipolytic enzyme variant was uncovered that improves not only laundry care, but skin and hair care.

Patent Pick: Illuminating, Universal Optical Correction

While cosmetics to match skin tone, blur wrinkles or impart radiance are known, LVMH inventors have combined them into one universal fix; starting with an aqueous phase. See how in this new patent application.

Body Odor Research Opens Door for Next-gen Deodorants

Recent research published in eLife describes how body odor is created, and presents an opportunity for formulators to create deodorants that can inhibit armpit malodor altogether.

Kunming Institute Brands Dendrobium with Dr. Plant, Uncovers Milkweed's Potential

Researchers at The Kunming Institute of Botany in China have uncovered natural compounds with real skin care potential. While Dr. Plant teamed up to bring dendrobium to market, new findings in milkweed present brands new opportunities.

Caprylyl Glycol: A Versatile Material to Boost Preservatives

As consumers become more decidedly "anti-preservative," formulators are faced with the need for versatile preservation systems. Caprylyl glycol's flexible nature allows it to be incorporated into a variety of formats while serving consumer needs.

Skin in the Game: Contact Dermatitis and Cosmetics, Part I

Though the number of incidents has declined, cosmetic products still hold the potential to trigger adverse reactions in users. This first of two articles reviews the regulatory status and adverse reporting of contact dermatitis due to cosmetics. Part II takes a closer look at ingredients of concern.

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