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Hybrid Aerogels for Drug Delivery, Wound Healing and More

Hybrid aerogels based on proteins and silica are reportedly the world's lightest solid—and capable of drug delivery, wound healing and supporting bone and tissue regrowth.

Stability Testing Just Got Automated

The CPI consortium's "Microstar" project aims to develop a testing platform comprising a series of microfluidic chips to rapidly screen formulation stability.

Lauder's Fermentation Tactics Advance Anti-aging, Anti-acne Research

The Estée Lauder Companies has leveraged its little-known fermentation expertise in skin aging research. Not only did results identify age-dependent differences in skin microbiota, but also a Lactobacillus extract to improve acne.

OxiProteomics Nails Down Keratin Care Claims

As it turns out, even fingernails are not impervious to the negative effects of daily stress in the environment, as shown by a new test method developed by OxiProteomics. The company was awarded for its innovation at the Parisian event Cosmetics 360.

Kao Links Biophoton Emissions with UV Exposure, and Skin Dryness and Roughness

Weak photons emitted by the body increase after UV exposure. They appear to be an early detector for signs of photoaging, including skin dehydration and roughness, Kao Corp. reports.

Defeating Dry Skin: New Developments for Adult and Neonatal Moisturization

Dry skin is a frequent complaint that touches various consumer demographics. This roundup reviews recent findings on dry skin, including its prevalence, treatment options, related ingredients, infant care and more. Click through to the digital magazine for the complete article.

Personalized Cosmetics: Has the Time Come?*

Personalized medicine, aided by advances including pharmacogenomics, is ready for mainstream clinical adoption. These authors suspect such techniques could be applicable for personalized cosmetics, complete with tolerance and efficacy considerations. Click through to the digital magazine to read more.

Lipidomics Researcher Maps Lipid Transfer Between Cells

University of Geneva researcher Anne-Claude Gavin, Ph.D., was recently honored with the Lipidomics Excellence Award for her work in mapping "lipid highways."

DSM Hones in on Sensitive Asian Skin

Skin sensitivity and its symptoms, including redness, itching and stinging and burning, are now a top skin care concern among consumers globally. DSM sought to understand why.

[video] Answers to Aging with Plant Stem Cell Cultures: On Location with Mibelle Biochemistry

"Our daily duty is to identify highly innovative active ingredients," Cornelia Schürch, Ph.D., told Cosmetics & Toiletries during a recent visit to Mibelle Biochemistry. See behind-the-scenes footage in this video.

Kao's Fine Fibers Impart Moisture, Activate Proteins in Skin

A specialized polymer solution is sprayed through a small-sized applicator nozzle, which forms the membrane. It is not only light and soft, but also demonstrates a high capillary force.

Patent Pick: Witch (Hazel)-enhanced, Zinc-based Antiperspirant

In the spirit of Halloween, this Patent Pick features a Colgate-Palmolive invention for an aluminum-free, zinc-based antiperspirant or deodorant including optional soothing ingredients—such as witch (hazel) water.

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