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State of the Art: Hand Hygiene and Disease Prevention, Part I

These and other considerations of hand hygiene in light of COVID-19 are presented in this series providing an overview of the state of the art. Do alcohol hand rubs have virucidal activity? Alternatively, are we too clean? What are the regulatory and social aspects of hand hygiene?

CBD in Cosmetics: A Practical Primer

This article introduces some of the basics of CBD in cosmetics; from the cultivation of hemp and quality control, to full-spectrum vs. CBD isolate and formulation considerations. CBD cosmetics have boomed in popularity although the regulations surrounding them and controversies overdosage labeling are chaotic and erratic at best.

Bacterial Cellulose Mask, Oxygen Tension and Sugarcane: Facial Care in the Literature

This brief literature review explores recent research related to facial care; from anti-aging effects and anti-acne care, to sensitive skin.

Kao Finds Daily Skin Care Shifts Atopic to Healthy Ceramide Profile

Little is known about connections between the ceramide profile and barrier functioning in atopic dermatitis. This was the focus of a recent study by Kao Corp., which showed promise for adapting the atopic skin ceramide profile toward that of healthy skin.

Food Colorants to Fight COVID-19?

Biomedical engineers at Purdue University have proposed a colorful solution to potentially neutralize viruses lingering in the air including COVID-19: via FDA-approved food colorants.

U.S. EPA Approves Nootkatone for Repelling Insects

Nootkatone, which can be found in cedars and grapefruits, remains potent for several hours. Its use may help curb insect-born illnesses, such as malaria and Lyme disease.

Probiotics are Fleeting but Affect the Native Microbiome

Researchers have found they can colonize skin with Lactobacillus reuteri through daily applications but this is only transient; the larger effect is how its fleeting presence affects the native microbiome structure.

Study Reveals Heavy Metal-induced Stress Dynamics in Skin

Celluar signaling induced by heavy metals in skin is poorly documented. A recent paper published in Metallomics explored these interactions and found that lead and nickel, in particular, could accumulate in skin.

Treating Hormonally Induced Melasma

Treating hyperpigmentation and melasma requires an understanding of individual consumers' diets and lifestyle habits.

Research Links Protein with Skin Barrier Protection

A Mount Sinai research team discovered some important information on what establishes the skin's protective barrier.

Unilever and University of York Scientists Sniff Out B.O. Enzyme

Unilever and the University of York have uncovered how a particular bacteria evolved into a specialized enzyme to produce key molecules people recognize as body odor, or B.O.

Mushrooms, Mackerel Mucus and Gold: Antioxidants in the Literature

Cosmetic antioxidants are positioned to grow by US $17.81 billion from 2019-2023. With consumers "hot on the trail" for these ingredients, we offer the following brief literature review of antioxidant-related research.

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