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Quantifying Well Aging: A Mathematical Sketch to Predict Age

There is no biological evidence to explain why some individuals look older or younger than they really are. This work sought to quantify the cutaneous characteristics of well aging based on focus group input, word clouds, biometric measurements and more.

Comparatively Speaking: Silicon Dioxide, Silicon and Silicone

This column is intended to provide an understanding of the relationships between these raw materials and the silicones found in personal care.

[video] Architecture of Hair and Living-Dead Connection

During the TRI-Princeton 8th International Conference on Applied Hair Science, Crisan Popescu, Ph.D., of Kao, revealed some of the latest exciting areas of hair research stirring scientific interest. Learn more from our exclusive video interview.

Patent Pick: Unmatched Microcapsules Guarantee Delivery

P&G inventors have uncovered a more robust means to deliver sensitive ingredients via break-resistant microcapsules.

[video] Connecting Blue Light, Pollution, Autophagy and Circadian Rhythm

Pollution, circadian rhythm, autophagy and blue light interact and affect skin in various ways. Learn more from this video interview with Nadine Pernodet, Ph.D., of the Estée Lauder Cos. Watch now!

Maple Imparts Unbe-leaf-able Anti-aging Benefits

A novel source for anti-aging skin care has literally fallen at the feet of University of Rhode Island researchers—maple leaves.

What Food Science Can Lend to Skin Care

What insights can personal care leverage from the foods industry? This article explores food trends, sensory language and metrics that translate across these categories.

Words from Wiechers: Sustainability Yes, But of What?

How well has our industry adopted sustainability? Find out what Tony O'Lenick and the late Johann Wiechers, Ph.D., think in this edition of our "Words from Wiechers" series.

Study Shows How Weather Changes Skin Texture

Climatic factors have the potential to influence skin health—especially its moisture levels and texture—according to research in the British Journal of Dermatology. These results may influence how consumers alter their skin care from season to season.

Patent Pick: Ivory Nut Powder/Mannan Exfoliant and Talc Additive

Microbeads and talc are two of today's hot-button issues raising industry (and regulator) alarm. A new patent application out of China, however, could cool things down with a natural and sustainable alternative—ivory nut.

Scent and Memory: Scientists Find New Connection

A recent study from the University of Toronto shed light on the connection to memory and smell.

New Study Uncovers Itch vs. Pain Signaling

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience provides some relief for a phenomenon over which scientists have been scratching their heads: itch vs. pain and their discrimination.

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