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Patent Pick: Corona-core Microgels Go with Skin's Flow

Emulsions are troublemakers. Surfactants can be used to keep their oil and water attitudes in check but they irritate some people. Pickering emulsions work, too, but are less effective and sticky wickets. Enter Shiseido's patented answer: corona-core microgels, which stabilize the situation and go with skin's flow.

Turn Back Time: New Findings Suggest Science Could Potentially Reverse the Signs of Aging

It may finally be possible to turn back the clock. Using cellular reprogramming, scientists at the Salk Institute have found a way to reverse signs of aging.

Building Cosmetics to Boost Self-confidence: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Skin is the membrane of all membranes and can protect us physically, emotionally and even spiritually. In relation, cosmetics play a part in the discussion in society of self-esteem, and self-esteem is at the heart of success in modern societies.

Unexpected Paths to Sunscreens

Teleportation was once science fiction. Today's it's somewhat of a reality, if you consider how Facebook Live, Facetime, Skype, etc., transport our likenesses through time and space. I sense this indirect path may be the future to sunscreens.

Patent Pick: Unilever Takes Charge of Cleansing, Literally

There's a battle ensuing between microbes and anti-microbes that transcends the physical skin barrier to a larger, regulatory one. Regardless, Unilever inventors are charging ahead utilizing electrons to enhance the power of oligodynamic metals.

Patent Pick: 'Grow Your Own' UVB Protection

The plants we grow for food are facing new climatic challenges. Therefore, researchers of the Max-Planck Society sought to improve their chances of survival against UV; and in the meantime, they improved ours.

Patent Pick: Move Over, Oxidizers, Titanium Salts are the New Hair Dye Heroes

Oxidizers have met their match, if you believe these L'Orél inventors. In this patent application, titanium salts are offered as the basis for natural and powerful hair dyes, without the need for oxidizing agents.

Patent Pick: Aryl-activated Acne and Skin Care

If you're wishing this season for a better way to fight acne, the inventors on this patent application will make you merry. They've identified a way, via the aryl-hydrocarbon pathway, to treat acne, rosacea, cellulite and more.

Patent Pick: Syncing Up with Consumers

P&G inventors are feelin' it—circadian rhythm. That's why they're investigating methods to find cosmetic actives to go with consumers' flow.

Wearables Powered by You

Michigan State University is onto the next big thing in wearables: powered by you. Researchers there have developed a film-like device that uses nanotech to harness the energy of human movement and power it.

Patent Pick: A New Delivery Trick Up the Sleeve

Henkel inventors have a new trick up their sleeves, as this new patent for controlling the stability and release of deodorant actives explains.

Can Skin Infection Connect to Food Allergies?

Six million children in the U.S. currently suffer from food allergies, and the number is growing. Researchers are investigating whether a child’s itchy or irritated skin has something to do with this.

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