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Zataria, Syrian Catnip, Cinnamon and 'B.S.'? Essential Oils in the Literature

Considering the current popularity of essential oils, we offer the following brief literature review of recent and upcoming publications on research and development in this field.

pH vs. Damage, Conditioning and Floc Control: Hair Repair and Care Literature

Businesses are finding unique paths to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and hair care market conditions are expected to improve by early 2021. In relation, we offer the following brief literature review of hair damage, care and repair research to support this positive market direction.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Remaining Relevant in a Cosmetic Market Crisis

In this Beauty Accelerate Virtual discussion, sponsored by Biocogent, panelists from The Estée Lauder Companies will discuss collaborative moves made by teams in the company's R&D, marketing, etc., divisions to react and respond to the global COVID-19 crisis.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Biofilms, the Next Frontier in Microbiome R&D

In her Beauty Accelerate Virtual technical lecture, Cláudia Marques, Ph.D., will present the biofilm and consider the microbial dynamics within (e.g., quorum sensing), especially in the context of skin conditions. Thanks go to our sponsor, MilliporeSigma.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Haptics to Augment User Experience and R&D

In his Beauty Accelerate Virtual presentation, Matthew Herd, VP Consumer, Sagentia, will explore two applications of haptic technologies in cosmetics: to augment consumer experiences, and to aid in the development of sensorially engaging products.

Retinoic Acid Metabolism Inhibitor Shows Promise for Acne, Psoriasis

A novel approach to acne and psoriasis treatment could come in the form of a retinoic acid metabolism blocking agent that prolongs the presence of endogenous retinoic acid.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Clearing 'Zombie' Cells from Skin

During their Beauty Accelerate Virtual talk, Fred Zülli, Ph.D., and Franziska Wandrey, Ph.D., of Mibelle Biochemistry will explore senolytics in for cosmetics and demonstrate how an Alpine rose extract acts via this phenomenon to remove harmful "zombie" cells from skin.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Material Science to Revive the Innovation Pipeline

In his Beauty Accelerate Virtual presentation, Prithwiraj Maitra, Ph.D., executive director of R&D for AbbVie, will lay the groundwork for attendees to understand material science and how it practically applies across product categories.

Patent Pick: Butcher's Broom, Algin, etc., Blend Sweeps Away Redness and Flaking

Mary Kay Inc. inventors describe a botanical-based blend to alleviate the symptoms of sensitive skin including dryness/flaking and erythema/redness. A recent patent explains.

Sabinsa's Research Shows Lactosporin as Anti-acne and -aging Active

Research on Sabinsa’s cosmeceutical Lactosporin has been shown to impart anti-acne benefits and is among the first published human clinical studies examining a probiotic metabolite; additional in vitro study examined its anti-aging properties.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Surprising Connections Between Beauty and Sleep

In his Beauty Accelerate Virtual presentation, Russ Walters, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of Somn, will elucidate the many interesting connections between beauty and sleep (or lack of sleep).

Hand Hygiene and Disease Prevention, Part II

This article continues our discussion from Part I on hand hygiene. It considers sanitizer efficacy and an alternative angle: Are we too clean? The series will continue in our November 2020 issue with regulatory, legal and social aspects; e.g., school attendance.

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