EU Advises: Avoid Supply Disruption by Submitting Non-EINECS Substances

In a recent press announcement regarding REACH compliance, the European Commission has addressed chemicals that do not have established EINECS numbers. According to a report by ChemicalWatch, the commission particularly addressed companies that lawfully placed materials on the EU market before June 1, 2008, but whose materials do not meet the conditions to be considered phase-in substances under Article 3 (20) of the REACH Regulation. To avoid market disruptions, the commission advises companies to immediately submit registration inquiries to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The group notes that non-EINECS substances are known to be an issue that affects non-EU cosmetics firms in particular that have sold ingredients in the EU that were not listed on the EINECS inventory.

In related news, the ECHA announced an opening for chairman of its risk assessment committee. As described in the job profile, the chair of the committee for risk assessment is located in the Committees and International Relations Unit, whose mission is to ensure that the agency’s three technical and scientific committees—the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), the Committee for Socioeconomic Analysis (SEAC), and the Member State Committee—and the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement operate in an efficient, consistent and independent manner. The aim of this position is to deliver quality scientific and technical advice and to provide a platform for the coordination of Member States’ enforcement activities. In addition, the unit coordinates the international activities of the agency.


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