Abu Dhabi Supports Halal Movement

Abu Dhabi is building a platform to create globalized standards in the halal industry, a rapidly expanding business reaching 1.8 billion global consumers and growing to an estimated US $2.1 trillion, according to a report by Menareport.com. It is doing so by hosting the Halal World Expo on Nov.11-13, 2008.

The report states that while countries such as Malaysia and Brunei have well-established regulatory bodies to verify halal compliance, and levels of protection are in place in countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, there reportedly is a growing demand for a universal standard across all halal products—cosmetics included. Meeting that demand will require a major combined effort between the industry and government authorities; thus Abu Dhabi will once again host a halal trade event to serve as a forum to initiate such efforts.

Christine Weaver, exhibition director for the Halal World Expo, stated in the report that a universal standard will provide consumers with peace of mind when making buying decisions that are directly related to their lifestyle and beliefs. The exhibition will focus on various halal lifestyle products, including Islamic fashion, cosmetics and other health care products, for which there is a reported demand in the UAE and other parts of the Middle East.


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