EC Proposes Directive Simplification--Colipa Approves

The European Commission has proposed to simplify the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC. Under the simplification, the EC would take the 27 transposing national pieces of legislation, representing over 3500 pages of legal text, and replace them with one single regulation.

According to the commission, the directive has become a “patchwork” of 55 amendments without coherent terminology. The simplification aims to strengthen product safety while reducing costs for businesses. Its main aims are to ensure a high level of safety by strengthening manufacturer responsibility and in-market control aspects while cutting unnecessary administrative burden.The existing provisions on the ban and phasing-out of animal tests for cosmetic products by 2009/2013 remain untouched.

Colipa welcomes the EC's proposal to recast the existing Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC. In a Feb. 5, 2008, statement, Colipa found that a recast would streamline the existing requirements to make them directly applicable in all the 27 EU member states.

Also, the group finds that the recast will eliminate the need for each country to implement the changes into national legislation. Changing from a directive to a regulation reportedly will ensure a high level of consumer protection in the EU, enhancing the smooth running of the EU Single Market while maintaining and highlighting manufacturer responsibility for product safety throughout Europe. The recast can also possibly lead to an improved international trade.

“Consumers benefit from an innovative cosmetics industry that provides high quality and safe products. Colipa therefore fully supports this initiative to update and streamline legislation, continuing to ensure consumer confidence in our industry and its products," commented Bertil Heerink, Colipa director-general in the group's statement. 

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