Cropwatch Requests Comment From Industry


Cropwatch has requested information from industry professionals on a variety of topics. The organization requested comments on the following issues.
1. Furanocoumarins--The organization is requesting that academics  and industrialists submit their opinions to help construct a massive database.
2. Methyl eugenol carcinogenicity--challenges to the present accepted and outdated view.
3. Dimethyl & diethyl phthalates--ignored data and any associated industry conspiracy issues
4. Sensitisers--ignored contrary evidence to the '26 Sensitisers' issue andnew policy initiatives.
5. Issues of transparency and secrecy, freedom of information and the withholding of safety data from the public domain within professional trade and research organisations-- This area includes how regulatory bodies have processed scientific evidence and examining records of how scientific decisions were made. The organization has limited evidence from a number of academics that an 'expert' EU advisory committee has not properly dealt with (or perhaps have not properly understood) submitted evidence in particular cases. According to the organization,  these need public exposure and it hopes to establish a more robust code of practice.

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