Kanebo Recalls Brightening Products Containing Rhododenol

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. and its affiliates Lissage Ltd. and E’quipe, Ltd. have recalled brightening products from the Japanese market containing the quasi-drug ingredient rhododenol (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol (4HPB)). The voluntary recall was initiated after consumers who have used certain brightening products manufactured and sold by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. and its affiliates Lissage Ltd. and E’quipe Ltd. reported the appearance of white blotches on their skin.

Rhododenol is an active quasi-drug ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act after passing extensive safety tests. As long as there is the possibility of a connection between rhododenol and the symptoms mentioned above, Kanebo Cosmetics, Lissage Ltd. and E’quipe Ltd. have decided to voluntarily recall all of their products containing it.

Affected products include:

  • Kanebo Blanchir Superior White Deep Clear Conditioner (7 items), White Deep Milky Conditioner (3 items), White Deep Night Conditioner (4 items), White Deep Mask and White Deep UV Day Protector;
  • Suisai Whitening Essence ;
  • Twany Esthetude White Lotion (6 items), Esthetude White UV Protect Serum, Esthetude White Clear Tight Mask, and Century The Lotion (2 items);
  • Impress IC White Lotion (2 items), IC White Emulsion (2 items), IC White Fit Mask 3D, and Granmula Lotion;
  • Aqualeaf MCT Whitening Essence;
  • Lissage White Skin Maintenizer (8 items), White Whitening Repair Cream, White Trial Set (all 4 items) and Beauté Circu Lead a;
  • E’quipe brands RMK Skintuner Brightening (2 items) and Intensive Brightening Essence; and
  • Suqqu Whitening Repair Essence, Whitening Lotion, and Whitening Barrier Emulsion.

Following the recall, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration published an advisory on the aforementioned products.

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