Colipa Reassures Consumers in Safety of Hair Dyes


In response to the European Commission's March 29,  2007, statement concerning hair dyes and allergies, Colipa has issued a statement of its own informing consumers that hair dye is safe.

The association recognizes in its statement that some people may experience an allergic reaction to hair coloring products, but points out that sever allergic reactions to hair dye are rare. Colipa highlights that instructions that accompany most hair dyes instruct the consumer to carry out a sensitivity test 48 hours prior to application. The association also maintains that hair stylists are instructed with occupational safety measures that are adhered to.

In regards to the 46 hair dye substances mentioned in the EC's press release and the SCCP memorandum, the association states "The memorandum is purely based on properties, which chemicals may have, if handled in their pure form (hazard). This classification as such gives no indication of risk to human health such chemicals might pose, when used in consumer products under appropriate conditions."

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