EU Earth-friendly Move Opposed By Some

An attempt by the European Union (EU) to encourage companies to use more environmentally-friendly materials is being opposed by some industry organizations including the European Brands Association, which represents branded cosmetics. The organizations are against the legislation proposing that companies be required to provide environmental studies and assessments to prove their waste management techniques.

The system proposed by the EU gives preference to companies that use reusable packaging rather than to those that use recyclable materials. This reportedly is an effort to promote more environmentally-friendly materials and cut down on waste in landfills.The organizations are hoping their opposition will turn the hierarchy system to a guiding principle rather than a strict law.

In addition to suggesting the system be made a guiding principle, the organizations are rallying for the legislation requiring environmental studies be thrown out ,and that the waste management legislation be clearly defined to companies. Justifying the environmental benefits of recyclable plastic, industry professionals estimate the cost to companies at nearly €100,000 for each brand.

Both Parliament and the Council of Ministers are considering the revision.The vote on the hierarchical system goes to the EU's environmental committee on Nov. 28, 2006.

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