Brussels Demands Ingredient Disclosures

Undesireable effects of cosmetic products must now be disclosed to consumers, in accordance with new rules established in Brussels. The intent of the new guidelines is to provide consumers with more information about potentially harmful ingredients used in cosmetics, according to reports.

Cosmetic manufacturers will be obligated to provide information about any undesirable effects reported for any of their products and to give detailed information about the composition of their products; however, they reportedly will have to do so only if the information is requested by consumers.  This information also will not have to be added to product labels.

According to reports, national governments will be responsible for policing the new rules and ensuring that the information given is accurate. There is no reported limit to the type of question consumers can ask, and there is no specific time-frame within which companies must respond to consumers. One European commission spokesman commented, however, that it was in the interest of companies to ensure a timely and accurate reply. 

The guidelines also will establish a central public directory of all companies that selling cosmetic products on European market, making it easier for the public to contact them.

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