Labeling in China for Color and More

Becoming a player in the Chinese cosmetic market seems to be on every company’s “must do” list, especially since, depending on the source, it is estimated that this market could be worth as much as US $13 billion or more. Color cosmetics, according to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), have experienced continued yearly growth with no foreseeable slowdown. HKTDC reported that China saw $3 billion in growth in color cosmetics in 2013, with 20.9% growth in colored lip products, 9.4% growth in eye makeup and 25.9% growth in powders.1 This expansion has been attributed to the introduction of a daily makeup routine to Chinese women, most of whom did not wear makeup until recently. As a result, labeling is extremely important to educate Chinese women on how to use color cosmetics. Claims are also key for brands to promote the benefits of their products and compete for a share of the Chinese color cosmetic market.

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