Asia-Pacific Regulatory: Update Regional Reforms


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Editor's Note: C&T welcomes this "Asia-Pacific Regulatory Update" to its regular column lineup. From the end of 2020 through early 2021, the Asia-Pacific region has undergone several regulatory changes for cosmetic products and ingredients, testing, labeling and restrictions.1 Following are brief updates for each.

South Korea Natural Materials Certification

South Korea introduced a new raw material certification mechanism for natural and organic cosmetics on January 29, 2021.2 This certification mechanism realized the natural and organic cosmetic accreditation by inspecting raw materials instead of final products. This certification reduces the preparation required for documents, which eases the industry's burden.

India Cosmetics Rules 2020

On December 15, 2020, India released and implemented its Cosmetics Rules 2020, which provide a guideline of the regulatory requirements for manufacturing, testing, labeling, importing, registering, distributing and selling cosmetics in India.3 The key points of the 2020 Rules include the following.

The concept of new cosmetics is introduced for the first time. A new cosmetic refers to a cosmetic that contains a novel ingredient that has not been used anywhere in the world or is not recognized for use in cosmetics in any national or international literature. The manufacture and import of a new cosmetic requires prior approval from the Central Licensing Authority and submission of requisite data on product safety and effectiveness.

The 2020 Rules also simplify applications by reducing the duplication of regulatory processes and formalities for identical products and brands. Importers can make a single application and obtain a single registration certificate for the import of one or more cosmetics manufactured by the same manufacturer in a single manufacturing unit, which can be one factory or multiple factories functioning conjointly.

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