Updates from Europe and the United States

The European Union (EU) Commission has not issued any changes to the Annexes of the Cosmetic Directive since September 2003 and lags in publishing many changes that have been approved.

Adaptation to Technical Progress (opinions put through the EU and Ad Hoc committee review process) will be further delayed because they must be published in all EU languages. As of May 2004, the EU expanded from 15 to 25 countries, complicating the translation list.

On June 9, the AHWP (Ad Hoc Working Party ) held a meeting consisting of members of the Commission (DG Enterprises) and representatives of all member states. Various industry groups also attended including COLIPA (The European Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association), EFFCI (European Federation of Cosmetic Ingredients), EFFA (European Flavor and Fragrance Association) and Unitis (the European Organization of Cosmetic Ingredients Industries and Services, which is a new trade association with major emphasis on natural ingredients).

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