TRI/Princeton Forms Group to Advance Measurement Techniques

TRI/Princeton, an internationally recognized institute for hair and fiber research, announced it has formed a Measurement Service and Claims Support group to expand its product performance and claims support methods with new measurement techniques. In addition, the group will conduct competitive analysis for clients as well as follow regulatory changes and general market trends around the globe.

According to the institute, this expansion will strengthen capabilities in hair research as well as introduce new dermal and optical techniques that will extend its work to the skin care industry as well as advanced fiber applications. Examples of such offerings include new methods to investigate hair breakage, volume, shine and color, as well as services for non-animal in vitro dermal and ocular product mildness studies, and 3-D noninvasive imaging techniques.

The group will be led by Trefor Evans, PhD, who has been named its director. With a background in analytical chemistry and measurement science, Evans has spent the last 18 years applying these disciplines to a variety of roles within the personal care industry. This includes award-winning research in the area of fundamental hair science, but also support and participation in the launch of successful hair care brands worldwide.

Prior to joining TRI, Evans worked with Helene Curtis and Unilever, where he managed a group of instrumental testing laboratories addressing diverse needs such as claim substantiation, product development and manufacturing issues. According to the institute, since joining TRI in 2007, Evans has been instrumental in developing and promoting new test methods to help distinguish product attributes and strengthen technical marketing claims from a sound scientific basis.

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