Inter Parfums to Host at Piper Jaffray Conference

Inter Parfums, Inc. announced that Russell Greenberg, executive VP and CFO will present at the 26th Annual Piper Jaffray Consumer Conference on Wednesday, June 7, 2006.  The event begins on June 6, with 20 teenagers speaking on current trends and end on June 7, with a presentation by author Robyn Waters on what the consumer wants.

"We are excited to offer our clients a lineup of consumer company presentations from restaurants to apparel, providing insights on new trends and products for the second half of 2006," said Joel Denney, head of investment research at Piper Jaffray in a company press release. "We are also pleased to offer clients our special teen panel exploring spending habits and fashion trends in the youth market."

Greenberg will present for Inter Parfums amidst other companies in attendance.  The conference will take place in New York.  Access to the presentation can be obtained by visiting

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