Join the Consortium for Alternative SPF Test Methods

Call For Interest Spf Alternative

The ALT-SPF consortium, initiated by DSM Nutritional Products AG and Sun Protection Facilitator GmbH, aims to evaluate, characterize and compare alternative test methods to the current gold standard, ISO 24444:2019, and to publish the results in peer-reviewed journals.

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This call for interest invites any of the following interested parties to join the consortium’s efforts:

  • Organizations active in the manufacturing of sunscreens or UV filters; and
  • Organizations active in the development of alternative methods to ISO 24444:2019 that can fulfill the following three criteria:
    • Provide scientific evidence that the alternative method shows an agreement with the SPF in vivo according to ISO 24444;
    • Be willing to carry the efforts to provide test data and costs for individual statistical analysis and reporting, if required; and
    • Provide an adequate number of laboratories to test using the alternative method, the agreed upon number of sunscreen samples, and following the agreed statistical approach.

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To apply, interested participants can either fill out the form on the ALT-SPF website or complete and sign a letter of commitment. The call for interest deadline is August 3, 2020.

To find out more, visit the ALT SPF website.  

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